LoveLonger IV - Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs , (Lin Institute)
LoveLonger IV - Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs , (Lin Institute)

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LoveLonger IV - Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs , (Lin Institute)
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LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)

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LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)

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LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)

Editor's rating: 10 out of 10
User's rating: 88% 12%


LoveLonger IV, a great combination of herbs, can make it so that having frequent sex won’t become a problem. Judging by the amounts of sexual exhaustion case studies I have conducted, the root of many sexual problems come from having too much sex and not enough recovery time. To answer this problem, LoveLonger IV was created. It works by:
  • Replenishing your body of hormones that have been lost due to constant sexual activity
  • Increasing blood circulation to spread nutrients and hormones to areas where needed
  • Repairing damaged sexual tissue and organs
  • Improving the conversion of hormones like serotonin and acetycholine
LoveLonger IV is an absolute necessity for those who are sexually active. It works on so many different levels that will improve your well being and sexual health!


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jay C.  "real here "
Crazy bust this booster everything in less than 4 days. Before id had se 5 times a week and my erection didn't feel powerful. Now my erection is ridiculous. I sleep much more soundly, and wake up hard as a diamond

Terry R  "WOW"
Great stuff, never felt so good

J  "Ecellent!"
I never really felt recovered before trying this supplement, thank you for the great product, you guys really know your herbs! I highly recommend this to anyone who feels spent most of the time and overdid it.

Anonymous  "believe me it works"
I finally got rid of my wetdreams. Thanks to this stuff. feels good, man.

hopeful future testy  "Researching it"
I read the ingredients and it seems like most of this stuff is talked about by many sorts of sufferers who have found a solution. I really want to try this stuff believing that i had WAY too much se for awhile and need to heal my nerves. for those not seeing results, i believe you should have patience and LET IT REST while you take your meds, don't go testing it the first day or you could be setting your self up for more stress and failure

DM.  "Not worth it"
I believe this is a placebo. The effects were not the best, maybe just a slightly better mood. Finished the bottle no result in my seual performance.

Anonymous  "Nice!"
for all you people out there that are thinking about buying this definately works..i was a little sceptical about buying it because you know you see all these sites that are trying to get your money...but ive been on this stuff for 2 weeks or so and and my erections are alot harder and my pre cum is down.and i shoot it outta me like a cannon yea!..and my errection actually stayed after i was finished..good stuff!!

over advertsed  "but not bad"
I am taking this product for 4 months and have seen a little difference on my erection only. didnt help the PE.

FadedHero  "I have Faith!"
Im still waiting on my order..but judging from what ive hear about this product i think its really gonna help me out with my semen leakage.and harden up my erection

Patrick  "Not good"
I tried for 4 week, no results

Anonymous  "It works!!!"
I've been taking this product for about 2 weeks now and I can see and feel a difference. I feel great!

Anonymous  "my wife is a maniac"
"johnson this and pecker that" someone help me, my wife will not get off my jock, it's almost rape, i'm scared my cobra commando will never go down what should o do

anonymous  "Its Ok"
Not too good ..not too bad

Anonymous  "theres something in my pants"
This stuff is the best, i was smoking alot and masturbating a little too much, im only 16 so i knew i had to do something about my soft erection problem. I took duramax and detoxia for a week and it didnt do much, than i started on Lovelonger, without any hopes of it working i took it anyways as directed. I was in school on the fourth day and i stood up for the pledge of allegiance and too my surpise WHOA i had a rock solid erection in my pants stickin out for the world to see, i quickly reached for my books to cover myself up and luckily no one saw (if they did theyd be impressed). From now on everytime i think about sex or even see a victoria secret commercial i get hard within seconds! and i noticed my semen is much thicker and whiter. Im deff gonna order this stuff again. O yea it makes me hornier too idk if thats the pills or just me

QP  "This some good Isht!! "
I was sexually exuhsted from swx and masturbation. I been taking this stuff for 4 days and I get hard everytime I think about gettin some. Get it its good

Dane  "Good One"
Try ot

test trial  "still testing"
I know that both products contain 5-htp which does work wonders for serotonin uptake, however, I am still not sure about sexual healing that it says like stronger orgasms. I am reluctant to want to use the full pills as they are large, so I have broken them up into smaller doses and only take it every other day. I'll post results in another month or two and let you know whether it's worth it.

Thestallion  "waiting"
have been tring it for 1 week and still no change but its to early, i still have faith

AF  "all the day!"
i was sad for my erections they were to short and my semen was leakage too fast. now with adding lovelonger iv i am all the day with my cock up, my semen is leakage only at vital time! dr. lin have saved my penis from wasteful time, now my lovemaking is strong and powerfulest i've ever been.

sacseducation  "I need info"
I want to test this product for my semen leak and very early premature ejaculation ,which were caused by over masturbation. Has anyone tried it for thes purposes. What are the results.

Anonymous  "This Stuff really does work!!!"
I dont care what anyone says... This product works miracles. I tried acupunture herbs and they worked well too but there was nothing to boost my seretonin. With this product you get the herbs to heal and More!!

Finally the best combination is here. does worked on me for most part apart from repairing damaged sexual tissue and organs anyway good stuff.

Anonymous  "Just try it!"
This product really solves the most problems of Over-Masturbation, it doesn't really makes, you much last longer, but maybe then you can try, LastLonger III...

Ronnie  "not worth it"
Half of my mood max pills were broken when they arrived. There might have been a slight increase in the hardness of my erection. But certainly didn't improve premature ejaculation at all.

I want lasting longer  " ??? Last Longer ??? only 2 hour lovemaking"
After taking them for 1 week, I had sex with my girl friend for 2 hours last weekend.

Lee  " 2 hours "
Finally, I got it too.

Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo  ""Great Herbs Man!""
I took these pills for one week and my pre-cum is less! God damn i feel good!

F. Netter  "My ex comes back to me!"
Yes! man! My ex comes back to me!

Jacob W.
I take viagra to help with my erection and I take this to help with my performance. The combination works great. I haven't tried out their products to help with erection yet since viagra is working great, but I wouldn't go on with viagra without taking this also.

Herbert L.
It's funny sometimes when you think about it. Having to take pills to be good in bed. I don't mind anymore but it's still embarrassing when a friend finds out. Anyways... LoveLonger II is a good product. It does as it says it would.

LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)

How It Works
Discontinued -

Discontinued -

Discontinued -

LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)


LoveLonger IV -  Nourish the Nerve & Stop Semen Leaking, 60 + 60 tabs, (Lin Institute)