Retane - Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz , (Nutrica)
Retane - Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz , (Nutrica)

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Retane - Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz , (Nutrica)
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Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)

A unique botanical formula with 8 herbal nutrients and vitamins to prevent hair loss and ensure optimal hair and scalp health. Clinically proven to stop hair loss in 86% of men and women within 4 weeks of use. 
Retane is the result of more than five years of research and development. It is scientifically formulated to:
  • Stop excessive hair loss and shedding
  • Provide the essential nutrients to promote hair growth & healthy scalp
  • Reverse the hair loss process, for early cases of hair loss
  • Work for both male and female hair loss
  • Provide visible results starting in 3 to 4 weeks

In 2002, we conducted a preliminary hair loss treatment clinical study on male and female hair loss, with twenty two men and women with varying severity of hair loss. This study showed that: 
Retane prevents and stops hair loss in men and women 
After only four weeks of treatment, 86% of the study's participants reported a noticeable decrease in hair shedding, with no serious unwanted side-effects.  
For the majority of men under 40 years of age, this reduction is observed after only one week of treatment. For men over the age of 40 years � a group of particular interest as alopecia or baldness in men often manifests itself after middle age � the reduction of hair loss is not significantly observed by the majority until the end of the second week. 
Retane helps to promote new hair growth 
After four weeks of treatment 57% of men and 71% of women reported noticeable new hair growth. This effect is especially pronounced in men and women under the age of 40 years, who are expected to have normal hair growth cycles and in those with early cases of hair loss. 
After four weeks of treatment, 33% of men over the age of 40 years reported new hair growth. This, however, may represent only a delay - meaning that it may take a longer period of treatment of Retane to promote new hair growth in certain advanced cases of hair loss or in older men. 

Retane is a natural botanical formula that is easy and convenient to use. It comes in a ready to use spray bottle - simply hold the bottle about 3 inches from your scalp and spray the desired spots liberally with short, even bursts.  
Use approximately two teaspoons of Retane per application. (Each teaspoon is approximately 25 to 30 even bursts). Wet the root of your hair and massage your scalp thoroughly. Do not rinse your hair, as this will rinse away the nutrients and vitamins. Let dry Retane naturally without blow drying your hair. There is no dietary restriction with Retane.  
Retane offers a choice of three easy programs: 
Normal program 
For men and women with light hair loss and thinning hair, use Retane at least once a day, preferably before bedtime.  
At this level of use, each bottle of Retane should last approximately two months 
Accelerated program 
For men and women with moderate amount of hair loss, use Retane twice a day, in the morning and at night before bedtime. 
At this level of use, each bottle of Retane should last approximately one and a half months. 
Optimal program - recommended 
For men and women with more severe hair loss and thinning hair, use Retane at least three times per day, with one application before bedtime.  
At this level, each bottle of Retane should last approximately one month.  
It is important to remember to wet your hair roots and scalp thoroughly with Retane to deliver enough amounts of the nutrients.
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Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)

Retane is an all-natural botanical hair tonic scientifically formulated to quickly stop hair loss in men and women, help promote new hair growth, and ensure optimal hair and scalp health. 
As you age, your hair and scalp's nutritional needs change. Retane is filled with the following essential vitamins and nutrients: 
Inositol - A member of the vitamin B-complex family, Inositol is essential for fat metabolism and has been shown to help maintain healthy skin and hair as well as preventing fallout. 
Biotin - Known also as vitamin H, Biotin is required for healthy metabolism and growth, especially for proper fatty acid synthesis and enzyme productions. Research has also pointed to Biotin playing a key role in maintaining healthy hair, as well as preventing hair loss and graying. 
Protodioscin - The active ingredient of the herb Tribulus terrestris L., protodioscin has been proven by many clinical studies to help regulate the body's androgen levels and may help in preventing hair loss due to the overproduction of the androgen DHT. 
Folic acid - Necessary for the formation of new cells and protein metabolism, Folic Acid is a key ingredient for the maintenance of healthy hair and skin.  
Vitamin B5 - In addition to its beneficial effects in helping to counteract stress and promote metabolism, building new cells, and maintaining normal cell growth, vitamin B5 also helps to protect skin and cells against the signs of aging. 
Vitamin E - A powerful anti-oxidant, this skin soluble vitamin helps maintain healthy cells by eliminating harmful free radicals generated in the course of cellular metabolism. 
Ginseng panax extract - Used in Asia for thousands of years, Ginseng's long list of benefits include regulating cellular metabolism, helping cells to assimilate vitamins and minerals, promoting protein synthesis, and improving vascular circulation. 
Aloe vera - In addition to its great healing properties, Aloe is an effective hair conditioner that helps prevent hair damage.

Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)

Editor's rating: 8 out of 10
User's rating: 88% 13%


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IN  "My hair loss has significantly decreased"
Thank you for letting me know about Retane. It has helped in stopping my hair loss. I noticed that my hair loss has significantly decreased.

AR  "Great product"
Great product! It helped regrow my hair [while] there are still follicles.

AS  "Very impressed"
I'm very impressed with [Retane] because while using it, my hair doesn't fall out. It also helped with the appearance of my hair.

Anonymous  "New hair growth"
I'm starting to see some new growth although it's early in the program. I hope it continues!

TW  "Significantly decrease my hair loss"
I didn't see any changes in the first week ... by the second week, I noticed that my hair shedding amount is decreased a little. By the third week, I noticed a significant decrease in my hair loss.

I wanted to let you know that my hair loss has stopped and my hair doesn't fall out anymore. Thank you for sending Retane to me.

S.T.  "Great results"
Dear Nutrica, Enthusiasm is a powerful word when used to describe a product - that product is called 'Retane'. I've been using Retane for approximately a month - and to be honest, I didn't expect to see results so soon. The results - healthier looking hair, areas that were weak, thinning spots - were filling in with much thicker hair. This all in a short time. Thank you for making this possible with Retane - S.T., New York.

Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)

How It Works
Retane is a result of over five years of research and development. It is a natural botanical formula scientifically formulated to prevent hair loss and excessive shedding by optimizing the health of your hair and scalp. Its eight unique nutrients also promote new hair growth once the shedding has been stopped. 
One of Retane's ingredients has been shown to regulate the production of DHT and may help reduce hair loss due to overproduction of this metabolite. (Not all hair loss is due to overproduction of DHT, and subsequently your hair loss tretment regimen should consider other causes of hair loss - see Understanding Hair Loss and Its Causes). 
It is much more effective to stop hair loss and reverse this process at an early stage, rather than trying to regrow hair at advanced stages of hair loss or baldness. So, use Retane to prevent or stop shedding at first notice of hair loss, and keep your own natural hair and scalp healthy.


Will Retane re-grow my hair? 
It depends on how far along your hair loss has progressed. 
The first step of your hair loss treatment should be to quickly stop more hair shedding. Retane has been clinically proven to be very effective in stopping hair loss. 
The second step is to reverse the hair loss process and regrow hair. While many users of Retane reported new growth of hair when it was used early enough in the hair loss process, there is currently no effective means to regenerate hair at advanced stages of baldness. 
Retane will help promote new hair growth in some, but not all, of men and women suffering from hair loss. Retane has very a high success rate in treating and reversing the hair loss process if caught early - so use Retane at the first notice of hair loss. 
Does Retane work for women too? 
Yes. Retane's clinical study showed that it works just as well as a hair loss treatment in women. 
Although not often appreciated, female pattern baldness or hair loss affects about 20% to 40% of women. By using Retane, you will be able to prevent excessive and embarassing female hair loss. 
How effective is Retane? 
Retane's clinical study showed that it stopped excessive hair loss in 86% of men and women after four weeks of treatment. 
How long does it take for Retane to work? 
Most men and women with early cases of hair loss will start to experience Retane's benefits within a couple of weeks. At the Optimal Dose (3x application daily), you will start to notice that you are shedding less hair within just a couple of weeks and stop losing hair within 4 weeks of treatment.  
You may also notice new hair growth within 6 weeks of regular use. For best results, please give Retane hair loss treatment two to three months to work. 
What happens if I stop using Retane? 
For best hair loss treatment results, Retane should be used every day. If you stop using Retane, you hair and scalp will no longer receive the nutrients and vitamins required for healthy growth, and you may experience hair loss similar to the loss you experienced prior to its use. If this is the case, simply restart your use of Retane. 
Is Retane safe? 
Yes. Retane's clinical study has concluded that it is a safe hair loss treatment without any serious unwanted side-effects.

Retane - is shipped in a discrete, unmarked package. Orders are processed immediately and usually take about 3 to 5 working days to be received. We do ask that you try it for 2 to 3 weeks to feel the full effects. Any information received is used only for order processing and shipping purposes. Your information, such as e-mail address, will never be disclosed to a third party.

Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)


Retane -  Proven to Stop Excessive Hair Loss, 16 oz, (Nutrica)