Estroven - Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps , (Women Living Naturally)
Estroven - Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps , (Women Living Naturally)

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Estroven - Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps , (Women Living Naturally)
Estroven -
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Estroven -  Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps, (Women Living Naturally)

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Estroven -  Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps, (Women Living Naturally)

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Estroven -  Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps, (Women Living Naturally)

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Anonymous  "Try this!!!"
I'm presently taking HRT medication, but I've been experiencing a lot of night sweats, hot flashes, etc. so I thought, what do I have to loose by trying this? It is WONDERFUL!!! All of the sweats, flashes, everything went away within 2-3 days! I take 2 different hormone pills, one in the a.m./one at p.m. & I've decided to stop the one that I take at night to see if I really need it! I would highly recommend this to every woman! My system was so messed up that last summer my "grown" kids would come over and have "winter" coats on my a joke!!! To me it wasn't funny. I was sweating to death! Try this!!!

Anonymous  "Natural ingredients"
I would recommend it because it's made with all natural ingredients. It's easy to use and hopefully it can be of benefit to others!!

kathy  "Wow I feel great!"
Wow, this product made me feel "great" again! I was feeling slightly tired every day - not enough energy to get done what needed to be done. After beginning these vitamins, I feel I have that energy! And as the product states, I feel balanced!!!

Vicki  "It works!"
Absolutely life saving! I had low estrogen levels and the symptoms were horrid. I was told this was a great product and that it takes a little time to notice a change - HAH! Like ... 24 hours for me!! I was on HRT and had just quit after the study results - this works much better! I am also regular, which is a first in my life. I have told several other ladies and their results were almost as dramatic as mine. I'm not kidding ... it works!

Anonymous  "No improvement"
For several months I have had trouble sleeping at night and have hot flashes a couple times daily. After using this product for 30 days, I have not noticed any improvement in my menopause systems.

Estroven -  Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps, (Women Living Naturally)

How It Works
Discontinued -

Discontinued -

Case Studies
Debbie J. - I had been on traditional hormone replacement therapy for almost 10 years. I was concerned about all the controversy I had been hearing lately about the risks involved about taking HRT over a prolonged period, so I decided to "wean" myself off it. As I weaned myself off of the hormones, I noticed that I was not sleeping very well, had trouble concentrating on the job, and seemed a little more irritable than usual.  
I decided to go to my family doctor and told him of my decision, and he commended my decision, but I told him I could definitely tell a difference since going off my hormones. My doctor recommended Estroven. I started taking the Estroven that night and within 3 weeks I was sleeping well, my concentration at work improved, and my moodiness was gone. Thank you Estroven, for giving me my life back, my family thanks you too! 
Diane D. - I had been experiencing hot flashes for sometime after my Dr. took me off HRT. Since I began taking Estroven, I feel normal again. I told my Dr. about Estroven and she said several of her patients told her the same. I'm glad I found Estroven, my husband is too. 
Steven T. G., Edisto Island, SC - Thank you Estroven! You saved our marriage. My wife is 37 and one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever known. A little over a year ago, she began experiencing severe pre-menopausal mood changes and discomfort. We talked to a friend of ours who is sixty and had been through menopause and she told us about an herbal supplement that she had used to help her. Two weeks later we were buying vitamins and I stumbled across Estroven.  
My wife decided she would try it for a month or two and see if it would help. After the first month she was back to her normal self. It was short of a miracle. She has been taking Estroven now for about a year and loves it. We have recommended your supplement to many of our friends. Thank you again! 
Catherine H. - I am an active 49-year-old married lady, who consistently eats properly, fish and dark green vegetables, etc., but 6 months ago I began to feel "not myself." Did the doctor medical evaluation thing, to which I received the response that since I was still "regular," and my hormones were basically unchanged, there was little he could recommend, but prescribed Premerin, against both our better judgments.  
However, after going on-line and researching that hormone, I decided against it, partially because I was against how they "harvest" the product. Feeling sort of lost and frantic, a friend suggested Estroven, and even brought me a sample. That was 4 months ago, and I haven't felt this stable, with this sense of well being, for a long time. I have since added the Estroven Memory, and yes, I do find that my thinking is clearer, and my overall confidence in myself has been restored.  
Your product is marvelous, and I have since recommended it to several other friends, who have all reported that they, too, notice an improvement in their overall well-being. Thank you very much for your product, and also, for not overpricing it. Many other similar products are much more costly, and while I am not poor, I am not rich either. Thank you again, from a very grateful lady. 
Cheryl S. - Thank you for this product. My General Practitioner recommended this brand specifically to reduce my night sweats and occasional sleeplessness. I am 54 years old, and have been taking Estroven for 45 days now, and since day 6 have had minimal night sweats, and sleep all night. What a blessing. Thank you again! 
Freda W. - I have been taking Estroven for about 3 weeks. I have noticed a significant difference in my health. I no longer have many night sweats or wake up in the middle of the night. The most improved part of my health is my ability to concentrate and remember things. I am very happy with the product. I purchased two (2) months worth of Estroven and kept the receipt just in case I need to take one box back. I will throw away the receipt. Thank you.

Discontinued -

Estroven -  Naturally Helps Support Hormanal Balance, 70 caps, (Women Living Naturally)