Ginkoba - Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs , (Pharmaton)
Ginkoba - Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs , (Pharmaton)

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Ginkoba - Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs , (Pharmaton)
Ginkoba -
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Ginkoba -  Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs, (Pharmaton)

Ginkoba is a natural supplement that contains the most extensively tested Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) in the world. Ginkoba safely increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain and has been clinically shown to improve memory and concentration, so you can stay sharp and accomplish more.
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Promote the flow of oxygen
  • Improve mental performance
Unlike some other Ginkgo biloba brands, Ginkoba is made using a patented standardization process that provides a consistent amount of active components from tablet to tablet. Ginkoba contains a standardized dry extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves. The extract is standardized to a content of 24% ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones. During the preparation of Ginkoba, the extract is purified and valuable components, including the ginkgo flavone glycosides and terpene lactones are enriched. 
Scientific research on the extract in Ginkoba over the past 20 years extends to over 400 published studies. These include more than 50 clinical trials demonstrating the many benefits of the particular Ginkgo biloba extract in Ginkoba and its relationship to the positive effects on the structure, or function, of the human body to improve mental performance.

Ginkoba contains the most clinically tested Ginkgo biloba Extract in the world 
Ginkgo biloba’s powerful properties have been known to Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. Modern scientific research has confirmed traditional wisdom in more that 400 published studies spanning over the past 20 years, including more than 50 clinical trials on Ginkoba’s patented extract. These trials demonstrate the benefits of the standardized Ginkgo biloba extract found in Ginkoba. 
Remember our quality manufacturing and standardization process assures you that the Ginkoba you buy today is the same Ginkoba used in our extensive clinical studies.

Adults should take one tablet with water three times daily at mealtimes. Our clinical research has shown effectiveness in as early as four weeks with continuous, daily use. Ginkoba is a natural product that works gradually. It should be taken daily as part of an ongoing health regimen.
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Ginkoba -  Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs, (Pharmaton)

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 Tablets

Amount per serving

Standardized Ginkgo biloba extract (50:1) (leaf) 120 mg *
*Daily Value not yet established.
Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, lactose, talc, polyethylene glycol, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, synthetic iron oxides. 
Contains no sugar, caffeine or artificial stimulants.

Ginkoba -  Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs, (Pharmaton)

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For more than 4,000 years the Chinese have taken advantage of the beneficial qualities of Ginkgo biloba. The earliest medical reference to this herb, which is extracted from the fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo tree, is said to go back to the third millennium B.C. 
Ginkgo biloba was first introduced in Western health regimens in 1965. Today, Ginkgo biloba enjoys an enormous popularity in Europe, where it is sold both over the counter and by prescription. It is the largest-selling over-the-counter herbal in Germany and the Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE), which is used to help address problems caused by poor circulation in the brain and elsewhere, is also one of the most frequently prescribed medicines in Germany. GBE is registered in more than 30 countries under different trade names, but Ginkoba is one of the few herbal products in the United States that contains the same concentrated, standardized extract that has been the subject of scientific research.


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Ginkoba -  Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs, (Pharmaton)

How It Works
Researchers believe that the beneficial effects of herbal supplements may be the result of a single, active agent and others are achieved with a combination of unique ingredients. This combined effect is called a "polyvalent action" and it is the primary mechanism of action in Ginkoba. 
The polyvalent activity of two pharmacologically active components found in the unique standardized extract of Ginkoba are likely responsible for the benefits demonstrated in extensive clinical study. They are flavonoids (ginkgo-flavone glycosides) and terpenes (ginkgolides and bilobalide). 
Flavonoids are plant pigments and were first isolated in the 1930s by the same scientist who discovered Vitamin C, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. He demonstrated that flavonoids helped strengthen capillary walls. Flavonoids were once called "Vitamin P." Today over 4,000 flavonoids have been identified making it impossible to classify this diverse group as one vitamin.


What you can expect 
Ginkoba, as part of your daily wellness regimen, can help you to maintain your brain health in much the same way that exercise can contribute to overall well-being—it works steadily and gradually over time. Our clinical research indicates that with at least 4 weeks of uninterrupted use of Ginkoba, consumers can begin to enjoy its many benefits—including improvements in mental sharpness and focus. When using Ginkoba, you’re giving your brain an added advantage on your road to wellness. You can feel confident that you’re helping your brain improve its circulation of oxygen rich blood—a key to helping you improve your mental potential and overall brain health. 
Some Ginkgo biloba manufacturers claim, "you’ll never forget where you put your car keys again." This is an over-simplification of what Ginkgo biloba can do for people, and it is not realistic. Expect to feel sharper and more focused. Then take advantage of your new mental energy and enjoy each day—while accomplishing the things that are important to you!

Ginkoba is shipped in a discrete, unmarked package. Orders are processed immediately and usually take about 3 to 5 working days to be received. We do ask that you try it for 2 to 3 weeks to feel the full effects. Any information received is used only for order processing and shipping purposes. Your information, such as e-mail address, will never be disclosed to a third party.

Ginkoba -  Mental Sharpness & Improving Stress From Male Menopause, 90 tabs, (Pharmaton)