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It was raining heavily today, and my car suddenly skidded toward the left while I was driving on the highway. I didn't have time to think; I just gripped the steering wheel and struggled to stabilize my car. Then I found out that it wasn't just a normal case of a wet road and flat tires--because my steering wheel needed to be turned 45 degrees left to straighten my car out. My first reaction was that my tires were blown out; I decided to continue driving until my destination because two miles away there was an exit ramp where I could pull over safely and check on what happened. After slowing down from freeway speed, I changed my mind and decided to take an exit ramp instead so I could park in a parking lot nearby for further examination. When about to turn right into an entrance ramp, however, my car suddenly made a strange sound and stopped moving forward; there were several people rushing over towards me with stop gestures pointing at me in urgency. When getting off the car myself, it became clear that this wasn't just any regular flat tire because when stepping on the brakes instead of screeching normally they felt soft like they weren't even working at all! I was lucky to be an AAA member, so I called them and gave them my location. The second thing I did was call a friend of mine who knew my car well and asked him where to take it for repair. While waiting for the tow truck, I experienced embarrassment, sadness, fear, anger and gratitude. Because I blocked off the entrance to the parking lot, some cars honked at me and many male drivers took out their cell phones to take pictures. Middle-aged men would discuss with great seriousness why this happened and what should be done about it while others said it should be reported to Chevrolet. Some young guys were almost ecstatic when taking pictures and most female drivers used compassionate eyes to look at me until one girl about my age approached me and asked what happened? I simply explained what had transpired thus far and she responded very sincerely by saying "Thank God! You are so lucky! You are the luckiest person I have ever met! How do you manage to keep control of your vehicle even after hitting another car? You are blessed by God." As she finished speaking, she reached over and put my hat back on for me: Take care of yourself; you are the most important person here." At this point, AAA also showed up. The guy who came was also very nice. He said that he often encountered such situations, but because it was raining and I could safely get off the freeway, my car wasn't involved in any collisions--it was really lucky! He even showed me pictures of other cars in similar situations on his phone so that I could see how badly they were damaged and feel relieved about my own situation.

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Ideas: Car repairs, car breaks down, lucky luck, unexpected, mixed feelings

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Location: United States / California / Los Angeles

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Amom Tk 美国代发客服
5/25/2023 10:48:00 PM
The same experience, last week was a rare Monday without traffic congestion, and the journey was smooth. Suddenly, there was a coolant alarm and I had to pull over quickly... I would still open the engine hood on my own. Upon checking, the water tank level was very low and I had to wait for a dedicated 24-hour rescue. However, the rescuers were stuck in traffic on the road, causing me to wait on the roadside for more than 40 minutes. Finally, during the morning rush hour, rescuers arrived slowly, carrying a pot of pure water from home and filling the water tank directly. They drove me to repair it.

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