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The ancient town, always a bundle of sentiments in people's hearts. Bridges and flowing water, boats passing through the bridge arch: people coming and going, the houses on both sides bear the trace of history, as if time slows down in the ancient town.

📍 Address: Qingpu District, Shanghai
🚗 Parking: Navigate to Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Parking Lot

🚇 Subway: Zhujiajiao Station, Line 17
⏰ Recommended visiting time: Half a day

✨ Highlights:
🌟 Fasheng Bridge: Shanghai's first bridge, named after the Buddhist monks who released live fish from this bridge. In the evening, with people passing by, it exudes a charm of "long bridge driving rainbow, oblique sunlight casting scattered shadows."

🌟 Bridges, Flowing Water, and People's Homes: The best way to appreciate the ancient town is to leisurely explore on a small boat. As the boatman rows, you can witness the way of life on both sides of the river. Passing through the bridge arch, take a glance at the pedestrians on the bridge; feel the clear water and gentle breeze. Before you know it, the boat has already docked, leaving you amazed at how short the slow time always feels.

Please note:

  • The address is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai.
  • Visitors can park their cars at the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Parking Lot.
  • The Zhujiajiao Station on Line 17 of the subway is the nearest station.
  • It is recommended to allocate half a day for visiting the ancient town.
  • The "Fasheng Bridge" is the first bridge in Shanghai, named so because Buddhist monks would release live fish from it, and it presents a charming atmosphere in the evening with its arch adorned with a rainbow and scattered shadows in the oblique sunlight.
  • The best way to appreciate the ancient town is by leisurely floating on a small boat, where you can observe the way of life along the riverbanks. Passing through the bridge arch, take a moment to look at the pedestrians on the bridge, and feel the clarity of the water and the gentleness of the breeze.

Delicious Food

Za Rou (Bamboo Tube Pork Belly)

Za Rou is a local specialty in Qingpu. First, wash the pork belly and boil it until the blood is drained out. Then, put green rice grains at the bottom of a bamboo tube, wrap the pork belly in green glutinous rice leaf, and tie it with green rice straw. Add soy sauce, sugar, and Shaoxing wine to the bamboo tube and cook for half an hour. The color is green, the meat is red and tender, and the fragrance of the glutinous rice is rich.

Za Ti (Bamboo Tube Pig’s Feet)

Za Ti is made by cooking pig's feet in the same way as Za Rou, wrapped in green glutinous rice leaf, and tied with green rice straw. The main difference is that Za Ti is very large.

Grandma's Rice Dumplings

Grandma from Zhujiajiao is always busy. She cleans the rice, cuts the meat, blanches the glutinous rice leaves, and collects the firewood in the morning. Her rice dumplings are named after her.

Food Collection

There is a special area in Zhujiajiao where many chain restaurants such as Starbucks and Naixue are located. Sitting in a chair by the river and enjoying a cup of coffee with a dessert is very pleasant.


Bamboo tube tea is very popular in Zhujiajiao. Almost every street has at least one shop selling it. It's good for taking photos, but the taste may vary.

Most of the goods sold in the ancient town are homogenized, and there is not much difference compared to other ancient towns.

The best way to experience Zhujiajiao is to stroll through the town, appreciate the small bridges, flowing water and local life. Ignore the homogeneous stores and step on the ancient blue stones to enjoy a slow weekend.

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