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Jinxi Ancient Town ✅ No Crowds ❌ Don't Miss This Hidden Gem!

Let me tell you about my experience in Jinxi Ancient Town~

Originally, it wasn't part of my itinerary that day as I was headed to another ancient town. But as luck would have it, my steering wheel seemed to have a mind of its own and directed me towards Jinxi. I thought, why not go in and take a look? I had only heard about it in passing and couldn't even remember when or where I first heard of it. In the midst of the many water towns in the Jiangnan region, Jinxi is just a lesser-known and niche ancient town.

But once I entered, I realized that it might be the most captivating ancient town I have ever visited. And this feeling can only be experienced firsthand (to be honest, I didn't feel this way in Wuzhen or Xitang). It's a slow-paced town that instantly allows you to let go of any weariness.

🌊 Boat ladies gracefully row their boats while singing the unique boat songs of Jinxi Ancient Town in Wuyu dialect. I was deeply enthralled by this scene. Sitting on a bench in the corridor, I listened quietly as a mother and her two children joined in the humming. It felt like a peaceful passage of time.

🌟The scenic area is not large, the prices are reasonable, the residents are friendly and hospitable, and the lifestyle is laid-back, all returning to nature.

💰 Admission: Free (No need to buy tickets! Only small attractions charge fees.)

🅿️ Parking: Navigate to the "North Parking Lot of Jinxi Ancient Town Visitors Center." However, there may be situations where you can't find parking there. In that case, you can try parking across the street or continue driving ahead. There's always a chance of finding a free spot, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly.

🌟 Boat Ride: 150 yuan/boat (for 6 people), equivalent to 25 yuan/person.
(I highly recommend taking a boat ride. Just the boat ladies singing their songs makes this unique activity worth it.)

👉Recommended Attractions

🌟 Lianchi Zen Temple:
Built by Emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty in memory of his deceased concubine Chen Fei, the temple features a lotus pond on the eastern side, hence its name Lianhua Temple.

🌟 Chen Fei Water Tomb:
The tomb of Chen Fei stands in the middle of the lake, presenting a magnificent sight (I will post the touching love story behind it in the comment section of Jinxi Ancient Town).

🌟 Yanyi Bridge:
A landmark structure built in the Ming Dynasty, with a total length of 52 meters. The bridge's design is rare in the water towns of Jiangnan (you will pass by it when entering the ancient town).

🌟 Wenchang Pavilion:
Built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, it is located within the Lianchi Zen Temple. The pavilion is dedicated to the Wenchang Star, who is believed to control literary achievements (a good place to visit if you want to improve your studies).

🌟 The Eight Great Sights of Jinxi include Tongshen Imperial Academy, Chen Fei Water Tomb, Lianchi Zen Temple, Tianshui Bridge, Puqing Bridge, Lihe Bridge, Yanyi Bridge, and Wenchang Pavilion.

Jinxi Ancient Town preserves numerous cultural landscapes and historic sites. Checking in at these places will definitely provide a unique experience and a different kind of reward~

😋Must-try Food

🌟 Haitang Cake: This chewy cake has a delicate bean paste filling.
🌟 Shredded Radish Pancake: I tried it! It's really delicious! I ended up buying two more.

🌟 Crispy Chicken Snack Shop: The fried chicken is indeed cheap and tastes good enough.

🌟 Iron Plate Tofu: You might need to wait in line because it is really tasty.

🌟 Qingtuan: Qingtuan is a must-have flavor in spring (make sure to try it before summer arrives).

🌟 Of course, there are many more delicious treats on the snack street and in restaurants. Tea houses are also nice options. The advantage of a small ancient town is that you won't be ripped off.

👉Summary: If you're tired of crowded "popular" ancient towns, visiting Jinxi will definitely not disappoint you~

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